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07.31.10 – A.M. Update

Peter is mostly the same today–he has made it through the first 48 hours! After the CT scan last night the bleeding in has brain has gone down and we are cautiously hopeful. However, the doctors have told us that we really need to pray the pressure in his brain will go down significantly. He has had a low grade fever since yesterday, but has no infection. The staff says that he is pretty much where they expected him to be at this point. The nurses have been able to give Peter nutrition today through a tube, which they were unable to do yesterday because he had hiccups and were concerned his body might try to throw up the nutrition. The nutrition should help build his immune system. The doctors have also told us that most of the time when they see patients like Peter survive about 20% have full recovery and 80% are severely disabled. We are still praising God that Peter has had no injuries to his vital organs or spinal cord as well as no broken bones besides the face. We know that God has been protecting him in many small yet significant ways.

Last night most of us were blessed with good sleep. Dad spent the night at the hospital and was able to get 8 hours of sleep.

Yesterday we learned that someone joined the prayer group that was working nearby the scene of the accident and witnessed everything. We learned that this person was able to go to Peter and comfort him which may have saved Pete’s life. We have been so grateful to hear this news and it has comforted us.

Thank you again for all of the support you have been giving us. Here is a message from mom:

“All of you, thank you so much for the prayers. We feel carried along by the prayers of God’s people and by the grace and love of the Lord. We have heard that there are people praying in the U.S., Mexico, England, Germany, Peru, Korea, Kazakstan, China, France, Slovakia, Mali, the Amazon, and the Philippines for our boy. He is in the Lord’s gentle hands. Please keep praying. The next couple of days are critical.”

For the family,

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