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07.31.10 – Message from Peter’s Mom

Thank you so much, all of you, for your concern and prayers. Those prayers for my son are the best birthday gift anyone could give me today, on my 50th birthday.

I’ve thought a lot about our family birthdays over the years today. And I’d like to share with you something about Peter that comes to my mind today (since many of you do not know him).

For many years, Peter’s dad has led each birthday in the family by having a time of affirmation and blessing for the birthday family member. Then we would pray together after each of us in turn had encouraged the birthday celebrant.

The Lord gave Peter a grateful spirit from an early age. Beginning around age seven, during the nightly prayers following his birthday celebration, Peter would pray, “Lord, thank you for these seven good years You have given me. And Lord if you are so good as to give me another year, I want to use it to glorify You.” Then off to bed he’d go, perhaps holding one of his new toys.

Then on his eighth birthday, the same: “Lord, You’ve been so good to give me these eight good years. You have given me so much more than I deserve. Lord, if You are so kind as to give me another year, help me to glorify You with it.”

Every year he remembered to do this. No one coached him in it. And as he grew, we could see the fruit of the Lord’s work in his life.

So today I want to follow my son’s example: My prayer request on my birthday today is that God would be glorified. If the Lord so chooses to make this a part of my life message and my husband’s, and that of my other children, we want to make the most of the opportunity to praise His beautiful name. We trust God to do whatever He will. But I’m asking as well, that the Lord will make this a part of Peter’s own life message, that the Lord will raise him up and restore him to glorify the Lord by his own mouth once again.

The Lord is worthy of anything He asks us to walk through for His purposes. I want to use it to show how good He is.

“How sweet a thing were it for us to learn to make our burdens light by framing our hearts to the burden, and making our Lord’s will a law.”
~From “The Loveliness of Christ” by Samuel Rutherford.

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