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As many of you know, today at approximately 9 am Peter Helms was in a serious car accident on 1187. So far all we know is that he was t-boned by a dodge pickup at around 60-70 mph. Currently he is in ICU at a hospital downtown and is suffering from severe head trauma after being taken there by helicopter. The surgeons were able to drill a hole in his skull this afternoon to release some of the pressure from the bleeding on his brain. As far as we know he has no severe injuries to the spinal cord or below his neck. However his condition is still very serious. He has several puncture wounds on his face and broken facial bones in addition to the bleeding on his brain. Please be in prayer for him and for the family. We will keep you updated as we can through this group. Thank you to those of you who have been praying or stopped by to visit today; it has been a great encouragement.

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