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Birthday Poem

Written by a dear friend of our family, Rosanne Leafblad, for Peter’s 18th birthday:

A Birthday Surrender
in honor of Peter
on his 18th birthday
August 11, 2010

Every life, no matter how idle,
is marked with a beginning day;
it’s part of God’s common grace to man–
He gives him life, even if he seeks his own way.

But for the man who seeks his own way,
though grace is there, it is less
than the abundant grace that a man of surrender
receives when he makes “gaining Christ” his success.

For the man who pursues his Savior
and can say in his heart, “to die is gain”,
is a man who has been set apart by God
to serve Him, in joy or in pain.

I know such a man who has been set apart;
a child of God from his youth–
who willingly served his Master
and sought to live by truth…

even if it meant working hard
to love God more than anything else:
his toys, his “collections”, and even his parents–
he was determined to not live for self.

And, by God’s grace, he learned what it meant
to surrender His affections to the Lord.
He knew that whatever the cost of the call,
was a price his soul could afford.

He knew such a life meant surrenders,
and selfish pleasures, he couldn’t pursue,
but loved His God more than those things
and said, “What He asks, I will do.”

And each year, as he grew one year older
the refrain of his prayer rang true:
“You’ve given me more than I deserve.
If you give me more life, let me live it for you.”

And today, as he grows another year older,
he would say the same prayer if he could,
so until he can, we’ll say it for him,
and trust in the Lord, who is good

to answer this pray as He wills,
for that is what Peter would say–
“If you are so good as to give me more life…”
and then trust God for each new day.

So, Lord, we trust you this day,
and echo Peter’s birthday prayer.
We want his life to glorify you,
and we surrender him into your care.

We lay our affections at your feet;
we lay Peter there, too.
And say, as his heart learned to say from his youth,
“What You ask, we will do.”

For you are worthy of everything,
of all we have to give.
We join with Peter to say from our hearts,
we will serve you as long as we live!

Happy Birthday,

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