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09.07.10 – Update

The doctors have been in the process of weaning Peter off of his trach. They put in a new trach over the weekend and there have been a lot of secretions from Pete’s lungs. He has not been very responsive since they made this change. It has been pretty difficult on his body. The doctors recommended he stay in the hospital until he can go home trach free, and we are comfortable with that.

Right now Peter’s white blood cell counts are doing really well and he is still infection free. With the longer hospital stay, we still need to be praying against further infection.

Here are the things you can pray for:

1) Peter is still undergoing breathing challenges with the new trach, and will be until they wean him off of the trach. Continue to pray these will go smoothly and Peter will make progress towards coming home.

2) That Peter would be protected from any further infections from his extended stay in the hospital.

3) That the plans at home for Peter’s care would continue to come together.

4) That the family would have the stamina and strength we need to do all of Peter’s care at home.

5) For Peter’s continued healing and for his brain to establish renewed connections with his body.

6) Pray that God would relieve some of the pain and discomfort Peter is experiencing so that he can be more responsive and progress quickly towards coming home.

Thank you.

For the family,

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