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10.14.10 – Update

As of Monday Peter was moved home after his two week stay at Baylor. Baylor is one of the top 20 rehabilitation programs in the country, and we received a lot of training from the specialists there. The head of the program, Dr. Mary Carlile, was truly a gift from God. She has great skill and knowledge combined with a great amount of compassion and personal devotion to each of her patients.

Because of Dr. Carlile’s dedication to Peter as her patient, the Lord opened the way for unanticipated provisions beyond what we were expecting.  Peter’s neck was restricted because of muscle tension/contracting and Dr. Carlile facilitated Pete receiving valuable and injections for both his neck and his legs/ankles (which are also turning inward).

While Peter was at Baylor, he was given various neurostimulants to help him progress toward fully waking up. His ability to track movement with his eyes improved substantially, but we are eager for the rest of his body to follow commands. When Pete can consistently follow commands and track with his eyes, he should be ready for rehab.

Now that Peter is home, we have had a blessed but busy two days. Yesterday six loving people worked full time to get Peter’s home care off the ground.  The doctor was very hopeful that being at home could give him further comfort and stimulation that he needs for becoming more conscious.  He needs to smell the frying of Dad’s eggs and bacon in the mornings and to hear the cling of Scout’s dog tag on her collar.  He seemed really relaxed and comfortable all day yesterday.

Here is what you can pray for:

1) Continue to pray for healing in Peter’s brain and that he would be able to come to the next level of consciousness where he is able to respond consistently to simple commands.

2) Pray that God would protect Pete from infection or pneumonia.

3) Pray that we would retain and apply creatively all that we have learned over the past two weeks.

4) Pray that Peter’s secretions would clear up. He still has the trach, and the congestion makes it more difficult to care for him and increases the risk of infection when we suction the trach.

5) Along with the prayer request above, you can also pray that soon Pete will be trach free. It would be a great blessing and so much more comfortable for Pete!

6) Pray for the family as we adjust to having Peter home with us needing 24/7 care. Things are going well so far.

For the family,

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  1. October 14, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    Hey Hope, SO glad to hear Pete is at home and doing better.
    Can you take more photos of him- at home?

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