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11.10.10. – Update

Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed caring for Peter at home. It was good that he could be in a place that was so comfortable for him. However, Peter didn’t show as much responsiveness as we had hoped, although he has made some small improvements. There are days Pete seems much more alert watching us and “closer to the surface,” but then he goes back “under” for a few days.  It reminds us that his healing is still more in the acute recovery stage (or so we were told when we left Baylor).

This week brought a change of events as we were informed Peter got the funding for his ankle surgery at Baylor and a 30 day hospital stay! After being in bed for so long Pete’s ankles contracted from being unused even though we were giving him physical therapy. We are really grateful he is getting this surgery so that one day, Lord willing, he will be able to walk again. We have been told the surgery is pretty simple and it just involves clipping the achilles tendon. Peter was moved to Baylor this afternoon.

Here are the things you ca pray for:

1) Pray that the Lord would continue to bring Peter to a higher level of consciousness so he can communicate and do things on his own. We are especially praying for this while he is at Baylor for 30 days.

2) Pray for our perseverance.

3) Pray for our health. A couple members of the family have struggled with sickness.

4) Pray that the surgery would go well on Friday.

5) Pray that we could get some rest while Peter is in the hospital and we are not the ones doing all of his care.

6) Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom in what kind and how much “deep brain stimulation” to give him. It’s been hard to know when to push and when to let him rest since he can’t communicate with us. We don’t want to overdo or “underdo”.

7) Pray that the Lord will provide a few medical people to help us with his care when he is at home.

8) Pray for the safety of the family as we travel back and forth to Dallas over the next month.

9) Pray that God would protect Peter from any infections in the hospital.

For the family,

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