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12.29.10 – Update

Last week was full of news regarding Peter!
Early in the week, we were able to provide mom and dad with a getaway so they could get some much needed rest (thanks to some kind donations). We spread out the duties of Peter’s care between us siblings, a couple of cousins, an Aunt, and Grandma. Everything went very smoothly, and mom and dad came home rested. While they were gone, Caleb and Andrew had the opportunity to get Peter down on a mat, and do some occupational therapy with him. It was neat to watch all of the brothers interacting, and it was one of Pete’s best sessions on the mat.

In the middle of the week Peter had his first trip in the car since the accident in July. Dad and Andrew got Peter in the front seat of the car and took him to Baylor for an appointment where they cut off Pete’s leg casts. Over the last couple of years, Peter has spent a lot of time in the car driving with dad to various things or church projects, so we hoped that the trip would be good brain stimulation for him since he has so many memories doing that. During the drive, dad had their favorite radio talk show playing (the one they always listened to together) and talked to Peter about the topic. For the whole drive, Peter seemed really engaged with his eyes, like he was really listening to every word dad said. It was really special.
We also enjoyed spending some quality time together as a family over Christmas! This provided opportunities for us to offer Peter more unique brain stimulation. Beth rubbed root beer candy on his lips and tongue (when he yawned), and he seemed to like that. We also had an extended family Christmas celebration which Peter seemed to really enjoy. It was really interesting that after each family gathering, Pete seemed to be more engaged or do something we hadn’t seen before. At one point we asked him to look at certain people in the room, and, with effort, Peter seemed to look intently at each person.

Continue to pray that Pete’s responses will be consistent. They are more consistent then they have been in the past, but still not consistent enough for full rehab. We do think he is becoming more awake and aware, but it is slow progress.
Here are the things you can pray for:
1) Pray that God would continue to wake Peter up and restore connections in his brain with the rest of his body. Also pray for Pete’s healing.
2) Pray that we will be able to establish a way to communicate simple things with Peter. If he were able to tell us “yes” or “no” it would be huge.
3) Pray that God would keep Peter from infection or disease while he is at home. We are very careful around him, but there are a lot of bugs going around this time of year!

4) Pray for our health and stamina as we care for him 24/7. Also pray for our continued strength and trust in the Lord. This is a long, slow, roller coaster ride, and we sometimes can’t help but battle weariness on every level.
5) Pray that God would use the people who are helping Peter to encourage him. There are days when Peter looks really discouraged and frustrated that he can’t communicate with us. Pray that God would give him comfort and strengthen his faith.
6) Pray that God would give us creative and helpful ways to stimulate Peter’s brain.
May God bless all of you as you prepare to enter the new year!
For the family,


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  1. Mark Moses
    December 30, 2010 at 11:31 am

    Thanks, Hope, for keeping us posted. I eagerly read each update with prayerful anticipation of how God is and will use Peter’s life to be a reflection of His character.

  2. kc
    December 30, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    Thanks for all of the updates! It has been a privilege to share the journey these past months with you all. Praying for much grace!

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