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Peter’s New Year’s Goals – A Message from Mom

Every year for many of the past 27, Doug and I get away in early January for a mini-retreat and planning session. We evaluate our own souls; we do a “marriage review”; we scrutinize our ministry; and we discuss the life of each child that year–all the while looking over each category for strengths that we need to shore up and weaknesses we need to hone the rough edges from as we begin the new year. We pray and ask the Lord to guide us and give us wisdom on past and future.

After we “review” the year with each other, our tradition included meeting individually with each child as a a threesome, commending them for the character we’ve seen in them, listening to their own desires and goals for the year, and challenging them in areas regarding their own spiritual growth. We took pains to do this all very thoroughly. Then we would all go out to eat to their favorite restaurant and celebrate the New Year together.

As they grew older, we turned more and more of the evaluation and initiative over to them and just listened, giving feedback and encouragement. Then we would with each child ask the Lord’s blessing and direction on his/her coming year.

The other day, I found Peter’s list of goals for 2009, the year he was sixteen. (We didn’t go on our customary retreat in 2010 because we were maxed out preparing for Caleb and Hope’s January wedding and caring for my ailing mom). I thought his facebook prayer warriors might appreciate reading what he wrote. I am willing to risk that I may “catch it” from Peter one day for posting this, though I’m pretty sure his goodnatured acceptance will kick in once his teen embarrassment factors subside. My comments are in parentheses.

“Peter Helms 2009 New Years Resolutions

1. Spiritual–allot at least 60 minutes each day for prayer and Bible reading. Set alarm clock at 7:30. Keep a journal.

2. Ministry–Keep myself available to help Dad with ministry and evangelism opportunities.

3. Family–Ask advice from Andrew and Caleb about Scouts, debate, girls, and life in general. Keep asking Mom and Dad too.

4. Vocation–Start writing a book about the Four Revolutions. (Peter has been fascinated for a long time with the modern revolutionary age, and as a senior, age 17, gave a lengthy presentation in a Western Civ class on the British, American, French, Russian, Chinese revolutions, the worldviews behind them, and the effects they produced in each culture).

5. Church–Keep friends like ______ and ______ accountable (he named two of his best buddies here). Cultivate friendships with older people in the church.

6. Physical–Go to the RAC (fitness center) with Dad three days a week. Run, lift weights, do basketball, etc. Also do pushups and run every day at home.

7. Friends–Build friendships with people in debate.

8. Miscellaneous–Achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. Complete three merit badges. Have Eagle project ‘mulled over’ and discussed with relevant parties by April. (Peter actually completed his Eagle project the day before his accident and his Scoutmaster and several Scout buddies saw the paperwork through all the channels that he was unable to finish himself. He was awarded the rank of Eagle in November).

9. Work one hour a day on debate.” Now, Peter would want me to make clear that he didn’t meet all these goals, but we go by the proverb that if you aim for the sky, you may get as high as the lamp post, but that aiming for the lamp post will only get you a couple feet off the ground. So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom~Psalm 90:12



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