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Peter’s thoughts on a New Year of the past – A Message from Mom

While rummaging through Peter’s closet the other day, looking for something else, I stumbled across these, Peter’s Goals for 2006. He was 13:

I think that some of my highlights of 2005 are
. . . I am glad that my parents put me in more classes than usual this year so that I might have trust in them more, as a result. I am glad of the numerous books that God has used to strengthen my [doctrine] and my joy in fearing God–The Joy of Fearing God by Jerry Bridges and Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper.  I have become, I think, a little less sensitive and a little more teachable.  The Holy Spirit has taught me that by thinking I know better what’s good for me than others who see my character with its vices every day, I prove that “the heart is deceitful above all things.”  Also, I think I may be growing into a better relationship with my siblings by trying to be benevolent in all things no matter what they do or how hurt I feel. I think this growth was triggered specifically by a conversation I had months ago about having a Christ-like attitude. . . .

Some defeats of 2005 are . . . I have neglected to be on the watch many times.  I have done things that I would not want to be exposed on Judgment Day.  I need to have a reinforcement of the fact that God sees all, but more than that, I hope I will shun evil and desire to glorify God in what I say, do and think, even if I am alone. . . . Sometimes I don’t take pleasure in spiritual subjects and do not wish to partake in them.  I think a product of this attitude is being too silly and trying to avoid being serious at the right times. . . . I hope that by the Spirit’s work in me, I can avoid this tendency and be diligent and eager in sharing spiritual thoughts with believers and non-believers.

The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  This coming year, by God’s grace, I hope that I can strive with zeal and vigor to proclaim God’s worthiness and show my joy in Him to the world.  I hope I can learn more about His sovereignty and love so that I will pour forth in praise to the Lord Jesus.  I hope that I will this year, glorify God in everything and in every way, and avoid any excuses for not glorifying God. . . .

1.  I hope I can improve and strengthen my prayer life.  I resolve not to make prayer something I only do on evenings or at church. I also resolve to pray earnestly and without holding anything back. As an overshadow or summary, I resolve to pray to God, and not to ceremony or to myself.

2. . . .I hope I can have an earnest and serious demeanor when I pray and read my Bible.  Time-wise, I hope I can be diligent enough in my reading of the Bible to finish it all by the end of 2006.  But more importantly, I hope that the Holy Spirit will use what I read to strengthen me spiritually.

3.  I also resolve to be a minister spiritually to everyone I come into contact with.  With the body of believers, I hope I can be diligent in encouraging them spiritually, even if they do not return it.  With non-believers, I hope I can minister to them with compassion and boldness, not telling them what they want to hear, or what I feel is as much as I have the courage to say, but rather what the Bible says. . . .

4. Vices to kill: Pride–Confess with humility to God specific instances of pride, rather than just saying “Please forgive me for all the pride I exhibited today.”  Also, make it a practice to ask forgiveness of the fellow men that I offended by my proud attitudes.
Anger–Consider that if God had justly carried out his righteousness anger against mankind, I would languish in Hell.  Seek to emulate God’s mercy.  Also, there is an infinitely greater distance between Christ and sinners than between me and the person that has wronged me.

5.  Virtues to strengthen:
Obedience to parents–realize that they know more than I do and that they love me.  Also, realize that as I am obeying them I am obeying God, Exodus 20.
Holiness–Realize that no thought is neutral. Either it is glorifying to God or dishonoring to Him.  Strive to have praiseworthy and true thoughts.  Destroy anything in me that would promote unholiness.
Meekness–Consider Christ’s meek example in suffering for sinners.  Also, James 3:17 says that meekness is a characteristic of wisdom.

Resolved to (selections from):

–Read the Bible through with humbleness and a pure attitude . . .
–Strive to bring specific sins into light and to destroy them.
–Make it a regular practice to talk to my peers about spiritual things. Lead, don’t just follow.
–Keep fellow believers accountable.  Confront when I have to.  Also, listen when they confront me.
–Minister to believers of all ages.  Don’t hold back if they are a lot different than me. Galatians 3:28.
–If possible, continue “Christ in the Classics” sculpture series.
–Maintain friendships with Joe, Nathan and Reuben and develop good friendships with the Hughes boys.  Don’t close doors to other friendships just because I have good ones right now.
–Write edifying emails to brothers during 2006 (Andrew and Caleb were both at college in Tennessee that year).
–Improve in friendliness, etiquette and good “hostmanship.”

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