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Our Sanctity of Life Sunday | An Update – 02.02.11

From Mom:

We took Peter to church for “Sanctity of Life” Sunday this week. It was his first time back at our little church since his accident, now six months ago. Everyone greeted him warmly, and he appeared to enjoy being there.

Doug first took this pastorate almost twelve years ago, when Peter was six, so Pete grew up taking pages of sermon notes with “Bro. Dad” listed at the top as the speaker. Surely, being back at Rock Creek spurred memories for Peter.

Several people had not seen him since his accident, and, as is normal in the course of half a year in a small church, there were new faces he had never seen before. I wondered how people would see him: Peter as our goodnatured and strapping 6’4″ young man, or Peter as invalid. Would people be able to look beyond the wheelchair to see the dignity and value of my son’s precious life? (Hopefully a reasonable question to ask on pro-life Sunday!) Pete still can’t speak or control his muscles or always focus his eyes on the person speaking to him. Would that keep people from seeing him as we have known him for 18 years: winsome, humble, intelligent, and so much more?

We belong to a hardy church family that responded to Peter and his needs with dignity and love. The mother of one of Peter’s best friends told him, “Little brother, I miss having you play basketball in my driveway.” Another elderly woman called him “my Peter” and assured him of her frequent prayers. Men shook hands with him and filled him in on the news in their own lives.

Doug says that what we are doing at home with Peter makes a strong sanctity-of-life statement. Peter and Doug so often in the past sat across the table from each other, eating cheeseburgers together in joy and fellowship, and though now we feed Peter through a stomach tube, Doug says that if we do it with love and eagerness, we give Satan’s cause a black eye. And every time we get up and turn Peter in the night, and do it with joy, we proclaim how precious Peter’s life is. And every time we give him a “range-of-motion” patiently and thoroughly, we take ground for the Lord’s kingdom. There are spiritual beings who watch us in the privacy of our home. The angels look in and rejoice when they see us treating Peter’s life as sacred. Ephesians 3 tells us that the wisdom of God is made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places through Christ’s church and what His people do.

So many of you have those in your own lives who are weak and cannot speak for themselves: from the unborn to the elderly. Surely, the way we treat these, who are all around us, reveals our hearts. Each person has potential and giftedness and value and a story. Do we treat them with the dignity due God’s image-bearers, seeing all the creative sides to their unique personalities, treating them as individuals worthy of getting to know? When we do, we shout to the world, seen and unseen, the sanctity of the lives God has graced us with.

I have used this facebook group to celebrate my son’s life. May it inspire everyone to take pleasure in the worth of all those individuals God has placed within your own spheres.

“The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10


A Note from Hope:

We have noticed that in Peter’s therapy session recently have been going better. When we have him down on the mat, his muscles are working with us and more toned than they have been in the past when we had to do all the work for him.

Peter has continued to make small amounts of progress in other areas as well. Over the last 2-3 months we have thought at times Peter might be crying, but there were never any tears. Recently, he has had that same look, but with tears. This is hard to watch, but it is encouraging to know that his body is regaining more function.

In light of this, I thought I would ask those of you who are willing to, to post words of encouragement to Peter on the group wall or Pete’s personal wall. Some of you already have. This enables some of us who help with Peter’s care to read these to him. This would be a neat way to provide support and encouragement to him from the body of Christ.

Please continue to pray for Peter’s healing and strength and thank the Lord with us for how far Peter has come since his accident in July!


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  1. kc
    February 9, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    Thank you for sharing! Your family and your faith are an encouragement to my soul. I am spurred on to love Jesus more, to seek joy in all things. You all are incarnating Christ beautifully. We pray for you often here!

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