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03.21.11 – Update

Last weekend the debate club that Peter used to be a member of held a tournament in Peter’s honor as a fundraiser. We are so thankful for those who contributed their time, energy, and resources to pulling off the event, and the efforts to lower the cost so the contribution to Peter’s medical needs could be larger. Dad and Mom (who were able to attend parts of the event), also mentioned that they were encouraged by the many kind words that were spoken to them while they were at the tournament. Your caring and generous spirits have been a blessing to us!

There is not a lot of news regarding Peter’s condition. He continues to be minimally responsive, but stable, and makes small amounts of progress as time wears on. The doctor’s say that there is a lot of hope for someone who is minimally responsive versus vegetative because that means they are cognitively “there” somewhere and can come out of it.

In spite of the slow progress however, one of Peter’s most recent therapy sessions on the floor mat was really encouraging and exciting for us! In my previous update, I mentioned that Peter was beginning to look at people on command, and this is something we regularly practice with him. Sometimes we see results, sometimes not. But the other day when we had Peter on the floor mat, mom decided to test Pete’s ability to do this even more than we regularly do.

First mom asked Peter to look at Beth, which he did. Then mom and Beth proceeded to talk in a regular tone about miscellaneous things. After about two minutes, mom then calmly asked Peter to look at Andrew (who was on Pete’s other side), and he did so very deliberately. This is really encouraging to us because it means that Peter is “there” and could filter personal commands from general chit chat!

Here are the things you can continue to pray for:

1) Pray for Peter’s continued healing.

2) Pray that Peter will be able to build on the commands he is beginning to follow. That they would be come more and more consistent, and that he would respond to a wider variety of commands.

3) Pray we can establish a means of communication with Peter. As I’ve mentioned before, this would be a huge huge step for Peter (and us), and would help in his rehab process.

4) We hope to begin some remodeling of the house as soon as possible to better accommodate Peter’s needs. Please pray that this process would go smoothly and quickly, especially for Peter’s sake so there won’t be dust, etc. flying around (dust is not good for Peter’s trach, congestion, and breathing).

5) Pray for our emotional and physical stamina and patience as we care for Peter.

6) Pray that God would answer our prayers that Pete would make a significant amount of progress before Andrew leaves to go back to Notre Dame.

Thank you all, so much, for traveling this journey with us.

For the family,


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  1. Cherry Neill
    March 25, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    “…God…gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist. In hope against hope [Abraham] believed….” (Romans 4:17-18). Love to all of you, and special greetings to Peter from Micah and Cherry.

  2. April 14, 2011 at 2:02 am

    lifting up Peter tonight…he is on my heart, thank you for your constant and loving testimony for God as you
    make hard and overwhelming decision with God’s direction.

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