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05.09.11 – A Message from Mom

My son, though he cannot speak, encourages me still. This, an entry from his journal two days after he turned 16, in his own humble and honest style:

“It is Wednesday, the 13th of August, 2008, but it has been a relatively boring day, even though I managed to write a poem. However, because of this fact, I will instead record the event of two days previous: August 11, which was my sixteenth birthday, and the day before, on which I celebrated an excellent 16th with my family. On August 11, I got to celebrate with my Scout troop. It was Monday, exactly five years ago, that I joined Scouts, and it has been an exciting ride ever since. I have learned hard lessons, made good friends, and reaped the rewards of hard work and grueling endurance.

But even more exciting than going to Boy Scouts on my birthday was spending a large part of the day in that which nourishes the mind and inspires the soul: reading. Rosie Watson, homeschool mom and co-founder of her speech/debate club, said ‘If you can’t read, you can’t write, and if you can’t write, you might as well stop dreaming.’
Why are reading, writing and academics in general so important? It seems that our culture undervalues pure knowledge. It is important because God is a God of order, wisdom, and knowledge and because He has impressed a burning desire in our hearts for what is truly beautiful.

The book that I had such good fortune to finish was ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ by Fyodor Dostoevsky. I recommend it to all aspiring readers who would like to see un-euphemized descriptions of depravity, and unmollified condemnations of human nature in general, and who would like to have their hopes on one character’s redemption, raised to the heavens, then only to see them turned around to journey in the right direction, however encumbered they remain by their sin nature (Dimitry).

Life is no rose garden, as much as we would like for it to be. And life for the daily protagonist of heroic feats or mundane drudgery does not even end up a rose garden at the end of the day. As I finished ‘Brothers K’ in my bed at about 11:30 p.m., I gradually began to see that the end would leave a lot of things unanswered, unresolved, much like the discordant final note in the final track of ‘The Village’ (M. Night Shyamalan movie), which I perhaps providentially was listening to as I read. Frankly, the last chapter left me feeling a little depressed.

I picked up my Bible and read Isaiah 26, one of my favorite chapters in all of the Bible, primarily because of verse 3: ‘You will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.’ But as I read on, a later verse grabbed my attention, one which in so many words, said, ‘Deliverance is not found on the Earth.’

What? Are we really to believe that we shall end our lives without ultimate fulfillment, with loose ends still untied, with emptiness ahead? Not with emptiness ahead, certainly not!! No, instead, we look forward to the Final Culmination. We, as Isaiah 26 proclaims, trust that ‘your dead bones shall live!’ We, like Kolya and Alyosha grieve the deaths of so many loved ones, but with them, we look forward to the glorious Resurrection: ‘O God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come; Be Thou our guide while life shall last, and our eternal home.’

God, our eternal home! Praise Him and thank Him for what He does on Earth, and what He will do at the end of all things!”

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