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05.18.11 – Update

05.18.11- Update
It has been a long time since the last real update on Peters condition. There are a few new things to report but generally speaking we are in kind of a plateau in his recovery process. The doctors have told us that Pete may have plateaus in his short term healing, but that it doesn’t necessarily indicate a long term plateau.

Peter has been really tired and sluggish due to allergies for the past few weeks. The congestion prevents him from sleeping which in turn makes him less responsive to therapy during the day. In spite of this, he is still making somewhat steady progress at people recognition so we have expanded our exercises with him to include object and picture recognition. 

Pete is not as consistent on object and picture recognition yet as he is with people, but he’s still progressing. For instance, we might tell him “Pete look down the hall!” and he might seem confused, buy if we say “Pete, look at the refrigerator!” we get more consistency. This has obviously been a very familiar object to him in the past!

Peter has made some larger motor movements recently, but its still very early on and he doesn’t have any control over it. We have frequently pulled him up to a standing position so he can bear weight on his legs. He seems to try and keep his legs straight for a while, but eventually they buckle. But it does seem that he tries!

Pete is also moving his mouth more frequently. There have been several times where he has taken food from a spoon that was pudding-like consistency (although he does make faces at the taste since he is so unused to tasting!).

In other news, after much encouragement mom has begun to write a book about this journey with Peter. Right now it has the tentative title of “Peter’s Sermon”.

Here are the things you can pray for:

1) Pray we will not give in to discouragement when we don’t see frequent advances. An encouraging thing one neurologist’s nurse told a friend of ours that she had under her care a young man who was minimally conscious for two years, who then “woke up” and asked for pizza and made a recovery.

2) Pray that Peter would be able to continue rest and healing. Many people are having respiratory problems right now due to things in the Fort Worth air. This is mulitiplied for people with trachs. Since Peter has been coughing so much, it disturbs his healing sleep and makes him drowsier during the day, hindering therapy.

3) Pray that we would see the “breakthrough” that would open up the opportunity for Pete to have serious rehab.

4) Pray that the family would continue to have strength and encouragement for the task before us.

5) Pray that we could establish a form of communication with Peter.

6) Pray for the Lord’s provision and wisdom regarding Peter’s care. Andrew will be leaving for school at Notre Dame in a couple of months to continue his studies there. He will leave some big shoes to fill and we have yet to figure out how to even attempt filling them! There is nothing like a loving brothers care.

Thank you for your prayers, and may you all have a blessed week!

For the family,

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  1. Steve and Elaine White
    May 19, 2011 at 10:13 am

    Dear Hope, Doug, Sela and family,

    Thanks for the update – Anita told us about Peter’s accident when we queried the comments on her fb about a year ago and it has done us good to see how all of you have responded with God’s help through very tough times – not that we would wish this on anyone! So there is at least one family down-under praying for you guys’. Our two children are now 35 and 31 so we are somewhat older, but as a father and mother we can understand some of what you must be going through.

    Thanks for your ministry to others through these circumstances

    Steve and Elaine White
    Adelaide Australia

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