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Update 07.01.11

This week Peter went to a new doctor who has worked with traumatic brain injury patients. After examining Peter, he was very encouraging to us and said he thinks that Peter will make a substantial recovery, it will just take time.

Last week there were a few times Peter seemed to be a little more aware of what was going on around him. During these times, we have started moving beyond asking Pete to look at people and objects by asking him more complicated questions about the objects or people. For example, we might hold up a bible and hymnal next to each other and ask, “Which book has A Mighty Fortress in it?” and see if he will look at the correct object rather than saying “Look at the hymnal”. We hope this will become consistent and indicative of another small step in Peter’s recovery process.

If Peter becomes more consistent in his ability to answer these types of questions, it would seem to us that he has more of a “locked in” syndrome where he understands more than we think he does, and is just severely limited in how he can respond to us. There are definitely times when we feel like Pete has a keen understanding of his situation, especially this last week, when we have found him crying several times.

In other news, we have changed Peter’s diet to get him off of the canned liquid food the that was full of sugar. For a week Pete seemed to feel pretty bad as he kind of had to detox, but we have seen a lot of good results in him since then because of the change in diet. We have also finished the bulk of the remodeling that needed to be done in the house! Peter now has his own room right off the kitchen (he used to be in the living room), and we now have a wheel chair accessible shower.

We have few big prayer requests right now in addition to the usual ones for strength and patience:

1) Shortly after Peter’s accident, Andrew’s back started hurting. Over the last year as Andrew helped care for Peter his back became worse and worse. Recently, we found out Andrew has a herniated disk. He is in a lot of pain, and we need wisdom to know how to help him before he returns to Notre Dame to continue his doctoral studies in less than a month.

2) Pray the Lord would provide a wheelchair accessible van. Dad has been taught a one man lift to get Peter in and out of a vehicle, but we think it is now time to explore a better option.

3) Pray that we will be able to establish some form of “yes” and “no” communication with Peter. This would be helpful in our care for him on so many levels, and also give Peter a way to express himself.

4) Pray that Peter would have more and more awareness and gain back the ability to respond to us with more than just his eyes.

5) Please continue to pray that Peter’s secretions would clear up so that he can rest and so that his trachea won’t be irritated from the constant hacking with a trach tube in his throat.

Thank you friends!

For the family,


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  1. Cherry Neill
    July 10, 2011 at 12:50 am

    Thank you for the encouraging update, Hope. Blessings, Cherry Neill

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