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12.12.11 – UPDATE

Mom has been working on the book that so many have encouraged her to write about things we have learned through Peter’s accident and recovery. In doing so, she has gone over many messages, posts, and notes that people have sent over the last year and some months. We continue to be very grateful for all that the Lord’s people have done to encourage our hearts and strengthen our hands for taking care of Peter.


Prayer update on Peter and his recovery:


1. Peter has been pretty responsive at various times over the last several days, now that the effects of the anesthesia and benadryl have worn off. We seem to see him moving his arms on command, and holding objects in his hands and discriminating between the two by moving the right one we ask him to manipulate at the time.


2. He also has been very attentive to conversation and reading from books at times. The other night during the family celebration, when Beth’s new fiance, Joshua, described the evening of his proposal to Beth, Peter’s eyes were locked on Joshua the entire time.


3. When we hold choices of books or movies in front of him, he continues to respond accurately most of the time we ask him to do things like “Look at the one that is a cartoon,” or “Look at the movie  that has Bob Cratchit as a character,” or “Look at the one about a detective.” We all think he enjoys those kinds of questions.


Continue to pray for the trach removal. There have been several newly discovered obstacles around this process, including that Peter’s epiglottis is weak, (no one knows the reason why), and he seems to lock up his vocal chords sometimes when he should be letting him open to breathe.


Thank you so much for your faithful and continued prayers!

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  1. Paul and Gayle Patterson
    December 16, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    Excited to hear Peter is responding so well! Also, wanted to mention a couple of nice handicap vans on Chattanooga’s craigslist. Mom really enjoyed hers, and I know specific items are needed for Peter’s needs. Anyway, if you ever want to “shop” around the Chattanooga area (Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville), we’d be happy to be a bed and breakfast and shuttle. Just something to think and pray about!

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