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01.11.12 – Update!

January 11, 2012 3 comments

The Lord has answered some prayers recently for Peter, that we need to share with you faithful prayer warriors.

First, we are thanking the Lord that due to the generosity of the Lord’s people, Peter now has a wheel chair van he fits in very comfortably. It has a fourteen-inch dropped floor and a ramp and CD player/radio, so that Pete can ride right beside Dad as he always has and listen to Michael Medved and Dennis Prager. It will now be so much easier to take him places. In the past, we were always dependent on Doug to do the one-man lift to get him in and out of our suburban. Now any of us can just roll him up, buckle him in and take off.

Second, we have consulted with a speech pathologist and a speech therapist, both of whom, after procedures on Peter, gave a more hopeful strategy for getting the trach out than the doctor we visited before the holidays. So we are currently using the therapies recommended to keep Peter moving forward with his speech therapy and getting the trach out. It still may take some time, but we are back on track.

We are still waiting on a computer program that will let us test out possibilities with him of communicating/typing words, etc, with his eyes. Please pray that Pete will be able to use it.

For the family,


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