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02.27.12 – UPDATE!

February 27, 2012 1 comment

Things have been very busy in the family with the upcoming grand-baby, the upcoming wedding, and Peter’s four to six hours of therapy every day. Thanks for your faithfulness in praying for Peter even when the updates are sparse.

Peter’s progress has been really slow since his pneumonia in October, as far as his speech therapy goes. We are still working to bring him to being trach-free, but the process has been tedious. He has not made any recent attempts at speaking. We have begun to use the Eyemax computer to allow him to learn to communicate with his eyes. That too, has been difficult–computers always have glitches, and his muscle contractions associated with his brain injury make it a challenge to direct his eyes and head where he wants them to go sometimes. For instance, one of the first times we were acquainting Peter with the keyboard feature of the program, Mom asked him to spell his name, slowly saying the letters “P” and “E” and waiting on him to find them and lock his eyes on them. He was able to type “Pe”, but the “T” was on the right side of the screen and it was hard for him to make his muscles obey his desire to turn that way.

In other therapy, as we support Pete’s weight by putting his arms around our shoulders, Peter is attempting to take steps with his left leg. It is getting stronger and stronger in its ability to take steps, but his right leg still pretty much hangs limp.

Peter has regained his smile, not as brilliant a smile as before his injury, but very satisfying to us, nonetheless! Pete smiles at dad when he comes in to pray with him at night, and he smiles during family hymn sings–always one of his favorite times when he could tell us so.

This report will hopefully direct some of your prayers for Peter. In other prayer requests, we are losing two of our key players on “Team Peter,” the group of people that help us with his home care on a regular basis. Please pray that the Lord will continue to provide capable helpers that make it possible for us to keep him at home successfully until he is ready for inpatient rehabilitation. At 6′,4” and 170 pounds, he is pretty much a two person job during the day, and a one person job at night (someone has to be awake with him at night).

We will try to get updates out more consistently. Please know that we are still very dependent on the Lord’s grace for every moment and rely on your prayers as means of that grace.

For the family,


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February 1, 2012 2 comments

Peter is definitely doing better after his recent return of some pneumonia, but he still has a lot of congestion that we think is partially due to the all of the allergens in the air. Please continue to pray for healing and Pete’s progression in therapy, removal of his trach, and speaking. Also be praying that an upcoming trial we are being given with a special computer would go well. It would allow Peter to communicate with us using his eyes to “type” out words or pictures. Thank you!

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