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04.29.11 – PRAYER UPDATE!

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The Helms family has a prayer request that has come about because of our journey alongside Peter this past year and a half.

We found out this week of a recently aired program on the Dr. Phil daytime TV show. The guest he hosted on his show was a mother of two severely disabled adult children. She was arguing for her right to decide to have them euthanized. Dr. Phil, as a cultural commentator, was open and sympathetic to her comments. At the end of the show, he asked for a show of hands of those who would support her in her desire to do away with her children. Almost everyone there raised their hands. . . .You can find the program online.

Three days after this show aired, we were contacted by someone from Glenn Beck TV. Mr. Beck, a prolife conservative, wants to do a show for his program expressing the other side of the issue. So he is gathering around twenty couples who have disabled children to appear on his show and talk about the blessing that their children are, the sanctity of their lives, and their commitment to their children’s care. Doug and Selah were asked to be among those interviewed for the recording of the show this coming Tuesday. The show is scheduled to air the following Friday.

So we ask you to pray for us, that we will be filled with the Spirit and speak that day for Christ, for life and for the inherent beauty of a life such as Peter’s right now. When he could talk, Peter himself was always zealous for the prolife cause. May the Lord use him still as a silent spokesman to shout the value of life.


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04.03.12 – Update from Mom

April 3, 2012 1 comment

There has been a lot of sickness in the family for the past three weeks, but we thank the Lord that Peter has been spared from all of it.

He continues to make small improvements. His left hand is “coming back to life,” and he can sometimes follow simple commands with that hand, like, “Peter, touch your ear” or “Peter, touch my nose.” There are days when he can do this more effectively than others, but when he is very alert, he responds quickly.

Also, we have a dear friend in the family helping with his speech therapy now. She plays her violin and sings to Peter; then she encourages him to sing along. One time recently, she sang “Holy, Holy, Holy” to Peter, then sang a verse with “la” in place of the words. She asked him to join her on that part, and he was able to sing one “la” syllable. He vocalizes occasionally, but no more than a word at a time, usually “no.”

I will include below a post that Peter’s Gramma Helms put on her personal facebook wall a couple of weeks ago about Peter beginning to try to walk. We still totally support his weight, but he is making early walking motions.

“Peter is so alert today. With help from cousin Daniel, he ‘walked’ from his room to the living room. He is able to lift his left foot and set it out in front of the other. The right leg needs help, but he was trying so hard to move it. After he was placed on the floor on a mat, I told him to turn his head toward the TV if he wanted to watch the basketball game, which he did without hesitation. Then with some coaching from Daniel he made two strong efforts to say ‘no’. Also, he has some control over the left arm, lowering it slowly to the mat. Thanking God for his grace and love toward Peter and the family.”

Continue to pray that the Lord will provide the manpower necessary to care for Peter in his home. The therapy every day in addition to care for his basic needs is daunting, and this past month, we have been less one helper and fighting sickness in the family.

His progress has been so slow, yet he continues to move forward by fractions of inches. Please keep praying for his forward progress. We still long to see a breakthrough, where he can make greater progress more quickly.

Pray most of all that the Lord would sustain his spirit and our spirits as we day to day walk this path and that the Lord would be glorified in our midst.

– Selah

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