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10.01.12 – UPDATE

It has been a long time since we have written an update on Peter, but we continue to be thankful to you who remind us you still pray for Peter and for us. Here are some of the current issues he and our family face:

He has an appointment with the specialist in Cincinnati (we have referred to him in previous posts). If Peter is approved for treatment, we will go to the Children’s Hospital there in mid-January to have his airway scoped and hopefully repaired with the eventual goal of taking out the trach. It’s all a waiting game til this appointment.

His left arm continues to “come back to life.” He will give his dad a goodnight hug (Doug spends the hour from 9-10 pm every night with Pete, praying with him, encouraging him and interacting with him). He can grab a swinging ball, give you a fist bump, rub Winston’s head and sometimes wave goodbye.

While these are all still minimal responses, any degree of feedback he gives us makes it easier for us to feel connected with him when we care for him. He still has many days where mentally we can see he is far away from us. Those days are still hard, even though we know to expect them.

Andrew, Peter’s oldest brother, is getting married just before Thanksgiving. This has kept our family in a bustle of activity over the past several months, but Peter has seemed grateful to be adding AmyRose into the family. She’s a cheerful gal, and he always perks up when she enters the room. For those of you who may not know, AmyRose joined our church and became friends with Beth and Peter when she came to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to earn her masters in music. Andrew met her when he flew down to help with Peter immediately following his accident.

Currently, the Lord has covered Peter’s physical needs abundantly with several caring and competent helpers, and we are very grateful. It has enabled us to prepare for the wedding without too much stress and to attend to several other things in our lives that have been neglected for many months. Thank you to the many who continue to devote their time and prayers toward Peter’s care.

Finally, Selah has completed the book on our journey with Peter, tentatively giving it the title Peter’s Sermon. It is in process of being edited, and she hopes to begin talking to publishers after the first of the year. We will let everyone know how it progresses, for those who are interested in a copy.

Please join us in prayer for these things.

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  1. Steve and Elaine White
    November 10, 2012 at 5:59 am

    Thanks so much for the update Selah – with everything else going on in your household and the constant care for Peter.

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