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A Good Friday Update

A Good Friday update for Peter’s prayer warriors: A number of people have contacted us recently to ask how Peter is doing and to encourage us to send out another update. Life stays pretty full juggling the pastorate, Peter’s home health care and other responsibilities, but we still want to testify to God’s faithfulness, as we anticipate celebrating this Sunday that He is risen indeed:

Peter’s recovery has slowed markedly, but he has days when he is super alert, watches us closely and responds to therapy we attempt with them. His left hand remains trembly and imprecise, but continues to be his chief means of communication. If you hold an apple or banana before him, and ask him to take the apple, he will usually reach out and accomplish this, even though it may take him a while. We have tried moving from objects like these to letters and words, but still his responses to those kinds of requests are pretty sketchy. He is also very free to smile and hug friends who lean down to talk with him–he always seems to appreciate that.

For those of you who pray for us, we are asking the Lord to move us to a new home, which includes some sort of “mother-in-law” quarters. Our plan would be to rent out the extra room to a couple of college guys, bartering “rent” in exchange for a number of hours of Peter’s care load. The last few months have been quite taxing to Doug, as he assumes the heavy part of Peter’s care when others are not present in our home. So he works as a pastor all day most days, and then comes home at 5, when our caregivers usually get off, leaving Doug the lion’s share of care from 5 pm-10 pm, when the night nurse arrives. It can make for draining days.

All this to say, that when we are drained, the Lord is very punctual in sending us encouragement, often in the form of someone letting us know of their prayers, and often in the form of someone offering to stay with Pete so we can go out, and often in the form of eternal perspective we get through the Word of God.

Peter’s life dramatically differs than what we expected for our son, but we know his ultimate desire when he could speak was to be useful to the Lord. We do believe, though for the Lord’s sake, Peter has been killed all the day long, and his young life regarded as a sheep to be slaughtered, (Romans 8:36ff) that the Lord makes his life an offering of useful service to Himself. Peter’s journey with brain injury requires just as much or more emotional work as physical work, and daily we fight for joy. And we do it with these Romans 8 truths of the crucifixion and the Resurrection.

“Days of darkness still come o’er me, “Sorrow’s path I often tread, “But the Savior still is with me, “By His hand I’m safely led.” Trusting in the Wondrous Story, Selah Helms

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